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I am more than what I know myself to be....Maybe a simple person in pursuit of the better things in life....

Musical Musings #1 My conversation with a 4 year old…

Alittle one (4 years of age) who comes to learn music was struggling with the notes Ri and Da. I remembered that I had the same issue 20 years back when my brilliant Guru (Smt. Lalitha Ramachandran) decided to start … Continue reading

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Mind games/ Mind battles …Devils Advocate/ Mindless Musings – Call it what you want – Suit yourself! :)

You were not even a good friend – hmmm……possibilities : – Is it so? You think you were? If yes, for the sake of friendship or something more? Is it so? You think you were? You need a reality check! … Continue reading

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Relationships – Yet another attempt to understand them

There is this saying: “In your life, you meet people. Some you never think about again. Some, you wonder what happened to them. There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you. And then there are some … Continue reading


A quiet evening along the beach, Staring at the waters deep Wishing to the stars, as they peeped Listening to a voice speak…   The mind filled with emotions Yet  so blank….with no motion A smile tender, yet so strong … Continue reading

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An interesting observation/ realization yet again….. You often feel bad about a particular situation, not because of the fact that you have been affected, but more about the reactions it has evoked and a feeling of insecurity that has been … Continue reading


One very difficult thing to do is to appreciate what you have with you. This I realize, more in context of people. Often our association with people is conditional – conditional to various factors and when these factors seem unfavorable, … Continue reading



Often I have noticed……..certain coincidences in life (not just mine )……at times feel whether there is a destiny or you make your own destiny…….Off late I seem to have a tiny bias towards the latter…….but then lately, more than often … Continue reading

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