Musical Musings #1 My conversation with a 4 year old…

Alittle one (4 years of age) who comes to learn music was struggling with the notes Ri and Da.

I remembered that I had the same issue 20 years back when my brilliant Guru (Smt. Lalitha Ramachandran) decided to start with Gambheeranaatai ( a raga without the notes Ri and Da)  to get me into the comfort zone of singing notes.

Me (to myself): Ha! an opportunity to help a child the same way

Me :  A, let us sing Sa  Ga  Ma  Pa  Ni  Sa

A :  But Gayathri aunty that is wrong. How can you sing sa re ga ma without  Ri and Dha?

Me :  A, let us try it once this way, I am sure it will be fun.                                                               (thinking to myself – I am sure I did not say that to my teacher :!!)

A :  No Gayathri aunty. It is not fun. It is wrong.

Me : ( Racking my brains) A, you know what,  Ri and Da have fallen sick today and  so we should not disturb them. So let us sing without them

A: (Slightly convinced) ok then, we can sing sa ga ma pa ni sa.

After half an hour of singing, A was more comfortable in the notes. I decided to bring back ri and da into the scene.

Me:  Well done A!! you are singing really well.  Now lets sing Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa

A: No. I wont sing Ri and Dha

Me: (Puzzled) why not?  Only if you try, you will get it. Making a mistake is not the end of the world.

A That is not the point.  Has your teacher not taught you manners? How can you disturb someone when they are sick?

Me : Stumped! :! :O :O

I tried a couple of time more but ended up singing  Saa Paa Saa and remembered to learn my revise my manners for the next weekend.


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  1. Muru says:

    Please keep posting more often.

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