Mind games/ Mind battles …Devils Advocate/ Mindless Musings – Call it what you want – Suit yourself! :)

You were not even a good friend –
hmmm……possibilities : –
Is it so? You think you were? If yes, for the sake of friendship or something more?
Is it so? You think you were? You need a reality check!
Is it so? you think you were? Maybe so, but i dont agree!
Is it so? Is there something I dont know? enlighten me!


I am sorry, I wasnt aware – let’s start all over again!
I am sorry that you feel so, but its best we agree to disagree.

I don’t care – Ah! News to me! Then why are we having this conversation

I deserve another chance – Do I? Maybe not? Maybe she doesnt think so, nor does he! Anyway, who am I to decide.
It was not my/ your fault – It never is ( in my/your opinion) – funny how I/you react to situations

I could have been better – Hmm Happy Realization!! but glad the realization has dawned and hopefully change for the better would be visible

I want more money – Poof! it isnt it all…get a life, the end of which – money is hardly going to matter!
( I wouldnt mind more 😛 – enough to travel the globe, donate to charity and build my own disneyland)

Good health is important, I wish I could be as fit as XYZ – Is it so? then stop being a couch potato!

How could he/she do this ? – hmm…Don’t waste your time – before you know it you will realize it is too late

My wife/husband doesn’t like you!! – That has nothing to do with us!

You need to be firm! – Ofcourse – firm in what I believe and not what you think I should believe!

How could she/he? I thought we were friends! – You think too much! Friendship/ expectation need not go hand in hand

I was good – Good to see the confidence, though not all need to feel the same way

I should have made that point in the arguement/clarification – you clearly dont have it in you to confront. So stay away, keep your trap shut and keep moving.

I did not expect it – Well you may now, going forward!

She/ he thinks she/he is always right – Maybe/ Maybe not, why does it bother you!

On a lighter note ( Obviously I cannot be serious about this one)
This post is Bullshit – you chose to invite yourself over! 🙂

The above can be construed in many ways subtituting the ‘you’/we’s for ‘I’s’ and vice versa…..The beauty being the instances could be so many –
Does it matter? – help me answer that one!

but the outcomes – Just One -.LEARNING and MORE LEARNING
Does it matter? – Maybe, although at times you do feel you are better off without having to get to the learning stage!

What matters –
Living life for what it is – Am I/u?
Nourishing and cherishing relationships for what they are – Are We? it probably is not that easy
Forgiveness – Tough one eh? but are you willing to forgive ( yourself and others) ?
Detachment from materialistic world – Sorry, Can’t be that much of a hermit! I still have the whole world to see! 😛
Faith – It so does make a difference! 🙂

Make a difference – we have but one life to live!!
PS/ DISCLAIMER: This post does not intend preaching of any sort, intends no personal digs and is certainly by no means the victim to any form of my venting. So if any of you feel otherwise, I am afraid you really haven’t got the essence and  need another dose of it, so go back to the start and read it all over again 😛


About lifeasiwalkalong

I am more than what I know myself to be....Maybe a simple person in pursuit of the better things in life....
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