A quiet evening along the beach,

Staring at the waters deep

Wishing to the stars, as they peeped

Listening to a voice speak…


The mind filled with emotions

Yet  so blank….with no motion

A smile tender, yet so strong

Firmly disposing all fear and wrong


See life as it slowly opens and unwinds

Dynamic yet simple, changing with time 

Revealing Certainly – the story written by the Great Mind

Promising trust and joy – amidst the grind


A weird feeling of triumph prevails,

With the firm grip and a warm hug 

Strangely that’s all it takes to know

that you’re blessed in your own way.


The waters as they gently flow

The winds as they fiercely blow

Everything in life seems to radiantly glow

Blissfully hear the whispers – gentle and low



About lifeasiwalkalong

I am more than what I know myself to be....Maybe a simple person in pursuit of the better things in life....
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  1. Shreyes says:

    nice one as usual!!!! And GG… this one is for keeps….. can really believe those emotions are in a no motion state… loved it!!!! keep em coming!!!!

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