One very difficult thing to do is to appreciate what you have with you. This I realize, more in context of people. Often our association with people is conditional – conditional to various factors and when these factors seem unfavorable, everything seems to go for a toss.

Be it business, social life or personal life, it amuses or should I say appalls me to see how attitudes change overnight. I may be emotionally detached or may seem to be on two extremes when weighed on an emotional scale, but at times I am also very amused that we people get so upset at times that we tend to develop grudges. I remember I had this horrid tiff with a couple childhood friends and we stopped talking ever since. Today it has been probably seven years!! And we still do not talk!!  What amuses me is that I do not exactly remember why it happened at all and how it all started!! 😀

But I surely do realize that it was silly on both our parts!!! I don’t know whether they even think about it or me…but I sure do have only fond memories of them!!!  But then having said that I cannot negate the fact that sometimes situations get so weird, or our perception about is so weird that we are totally not at ease, if we stumble upon the same person. I would disagree if you call is discomfort, as you probably were the most comfortable with an individual…….so then what??? Maybe it is just the awkwardness that makes you comfortably uncomfortable?

Now one may attribute this to time – and say time was the healer!  May be so!! But on second thoughts, I think more than time, it is the angle from which one chooses to look at a situation. Today I think it is virtually impossible for me to hold a grudge against anyone for any reason!! More so because I feel that it is something which induces so much of negative energy that it is better to avoid!!

Could be perceived as indifference? BINGO….the point here being – indifference is towards a situation and not an individual!!.Now those who interpret it literally would want to argue…the basic premise being – indifference may be a slack attitude, or would depend upon the degree of importance which one assigns to a particular issue. More over – No situation is actually hopeless, it is we who tend to become hopeless about them – due to reasons which may differ! Argument is fair enough when looked at from one dimension.

My personal opinion – Situations/extent of knowledge miscommunication to a great extent make a person behave in a manner which may seem inappropriate (which again is subjective). So why hold them up for something they may not entirely be responsible for! However, one cannot negate the fact that the indifference if not attended to, may extend to the individuals too, which then acts as the spoil sport and the catalyst towards straining ties!

Probably I am growing to accept the fact that everyone is different and every individual thinks differently and reacts differently. A hard truth which I try to accept and instill in me, though the process more than often drives me CRAZY!!
There is this common perception test – A bottle half filled with water.
You have the choice to look at it the way you want. You may look at it and say “It is partly empty!  Or ‘It is partly filled ‘ …again the way you look at it!! Perception is instrumental in shaping ones attitude/perspective in life!

I read a very nice saying ( It sounded good to hear..not sure about the implementation)  in the book – the second helping of chicken soup for a teenage soul – where a mom tells her daughter –

There are two kinds of people in in this world

those that play hopskotch and sing in the shower

and those that lie alone at night with tears in their eyes

I re-read it a couple of days back and outright statement beats me till date!! I am very much a bit of both!!! The saying though good to hear, wonder whether anyone could fall solely into either of the categories!!!



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I am more than what I know myself to be....Maybe a simple person in pursuit of the better things in life....
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  1. Arati says:

    Hellos! looks like someone is in a deep introspection mode! I loved the ending with a quote, though as u said, it may not be possible for an individual to belong to either 1 category…….
    Nevertheless, good food for thought! 🙂

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